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ACR & GSQ Ceramic Instruments by Komet USA LLC

ACR & GSQ Ceramic Instruments


ACR ceramic cutters:

  • is gentle yet highly efficient
  • permits outstanding control
  • stress-free, pleasant to work with
  • can be employed for trimming acrylics
  • providing excellent substance removal

The GSQ cutters:

  • suitable for trimming acrylics and soft relines
  • perfectly designed for application on materials that tend to clog
  • offered in two styles: the K79GSQ.HP.040 and the K261GSQ.HP.023.

At chairside, Komet ceramic cutters are especially suited for making small adjustments and corrections to acrylic elements and for trimming temporary appliances. The working parts of these precise, smooth-running instruments are fabricated of a durable, high-performance ceramic material that maintains its color and integrity throughout the instruments’ long service lives, resisting the potentially corrosive effects of chemicals used during disinfection and sterilization procedures.

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