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Clear Collection by Hu-Friedy Mfg Co.

Clear Collection

Hu-Friedy Mfg Co.

The various tools in this collection accent and individualize.
  • The Tear Drop - An instrument that creates a notch at the gingival margin of clear aligners where elastic hooks are required within the arch. It also provides a reservoir to hold the elastics in place, permitting easy manipulation of elastics by the patient.
  • The Vertical - Focuses on the over-correction of rotations by producing an indentation at the mesial or distal line angles on the facial and/or lingual of a specific tooth.
  • The Horizontal - Creates an indentation to accent individual root torque. Retention of either the clear aligners or retainers is enhanced by placing this indent into a tooth’s undercut or below a bonded attachment.
  • The Hole Punch - This 6mm punch creates a half moon cutout for relief of clear aligners around bonded buttons used for elastics. It nips away plastic to provide soft tissue clearance to prevent aligner impingement of tissue.
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