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ProRoot® MTA Root Repair by Dentsply Sirona

ProRoot® MTA Root Repair

Dentsply Sirona

Made of fine hydrophilic particles that set in water, ProRoot MTA seals off all pathways between the root canal system and surrounding tissues, significantly reducing bacterial migration. Its high compatibility with the dentinal wall allows for a predictable clinical healing response, while its water-based chemistry permits normal setting in the presence of moisture.

Each packet of ProRoot MTA comes with a premeasured unit dose of ProRoot MTA water for fast preparation. Once the material is mixed, it quickly reaches a working consistency for efficient application.

ProRoot MTA with the ProRoot MTA Delivery System tmakes achieving the material's predictable results even faster and easier with improved material handling and more precise placement. ProRoot MTA is offered in 0.5 g pouches for single patient use. Additionally, 0.5g pouches, available in white, can now be ordered in a 2 g box (4 single use pouches) or 5 g box (10 single use pouches).

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