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Fast Notes Implantology by DentalApps

Fast Notes Implantology


Fast Notes by DentalApps was launched in the App Store in 2015. The company desires to improve the “Practice Lifestyle” of implantologists and surgeons through efficient, reliable, powerful and mobile software. Fast Notes allows dentists to document examinations and surgical procedures in about a minute on their iPad or iPhone as they walk to the next operatory. A beautiful report is generated and is either printed, emailed, or sent to the cloud where it can be uploaded into their practice software. Specialists can tap a button and send a referral letter- no more writing letters ever! The software is customizable and can be modified at any time to include the instruments, materials and products that the dentist uses.

Easily include radiographs and images to make full color, robust documents. Reports can be sent to insurance companies in lieu of writing letters to support claims. DentalApps reports that on average, a dentist takes 55 seconds to document a case and finalize a report with Fast Notes. The more you use it, the better it works! Fast Notes predicts the materials you will select making data entry even faster over time. No more after-hours letters and weekend charts. Finish your work as you walk to the next operatory with Fast Notes. Anyone can try Fast Notes for a week for free 

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