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Masks with Secure Fit® Technology by Crosstex

Masks with Secure Fit® Technology


Secure Fit® Technology masks are the only masks with aluminum strips both above the nose and under the chin that adjust to create a custom fit to reduce exposure to airborne particulates. They are proven to provide up to 3x’s more protection* than standard masks with a patent-pending design that significantly reduces gapping at the top, bottom and sides. (*data on file) Secure Fit® Technology is available in following the Crosstex face masks: ASTM 3: Ultra® Earloop w/Secure Fit® Technology GCFCXUSF ASTM 2: Procedural Earloop w/Secure Fit® Technology GCPBLSF ASTM 1: Isofluid® Earloop w/Secure Fit® Technology GCIBLSF

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