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BeeGentle™ by CAO Group, Inc.


CAO Group, Inc.

CAO Group’s BeeGentle topical anesthetic varnish goes on easy and stays where you place it. BeeGentle forms a ‘white target’ that improves injection site visibility. Bee Gentle won’t wash away and its 20% benzocaine formula releases at a constant rate for up to a 30-minute period.

Because because it won’t wash away, BeeGentle delivers longer lasting anesthesia than conventional topicals. BeeGentle is ideal prior to injections and can be placed well before you enter the operatory. And because of its lasting properties, if a patient ever needs a second injection, you can see where the first was placed.

Perfect for hygiene scaling or root planing: paint it near the gingival margin and BeeGentle delivers deep, profound anesthesia throughout the procedure.

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