ScanX Barrier Envelopes

Air Techniques, Inc.

ScanX Barrier Envelopes by Air Techniques are used with phosphor storage plates to help prevent cross-contamination. Air Techniques recommends using their brand of ScanX barrier envelopes with its phosphor sensors. The rounded corners and soft edges compliment the sensors shape and provide maximum patient comfort. Air Techniques’ barrier envelopes are disposable, odor-free and open effortlessly. The innovative, patented Y-notch design and center seam allow you to open the envelope without hassle and without ever touching the plate.

Air Techniques barrier envelopes feature a transparent side for accurate phosphor sensor positioning, and an opaque side to prevent ambient light from reaching the sensitive side of the imaging plate. The barrier envelopes will help prolong the life of the plate. Air Techniques barrier envelopes ensure the utmost hygiene when handling phosphor sensors and placing them into the patient’s mouth.

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