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Paradigm™ Family Brand by 3M ESPE

Paradigm™ Family Brand


3M ESPE’s most recent product family offers dental professionals competitively priced products with the standard features they rely on most. The new Paradigm™ brand includes Paradigm™ VPS Impression Material and Paradigm™ Nano Hybrid Universal Restorative. The new Paradigm VPS impression material exemplifies the features and value that will be offered by the Paradigm brand. Great for all indications, the easy-to-extrude material flows smoothly without dripping or slumping. Its hydrophilicity helps it produce void-free impressions with great detail. Additionally, good tear strength helps protect impressions from damage and distortion during removal from the mouth. With a range of viscosities and setting times, Paradigm VPS impression materials give dentists options to suit their individual techniques and procedures. Its versatility and price make it great for all indications, including crowns and bridges, bleaching trays, mouth guard trays, study models, and provisional and denture impressions. The new Paradigm Nano Hybrid restorative also offers a simple solution for everyday restorative needs. It provides great handling without slumping or sticking to instruments, allowing dentists to easily shape the composite. With 12 shades, Paradigm Nano Hybrid restorative offers enough variety to cover most dentists’ daily needs. In addition, it is easy to polish and has excellent strength and wear resistance. This restorative is great for all indications, including direct anterior and posterior restorations, occlusal surfaces, core build-ups, splinting, and indirect restorations, such as inlays, onlays and veneers.

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