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Inside Dentistry
April 2016
Volume 12, Issue 4

Cybird Gold

The diverse and powerful fourth-generation curing light

Figure 1 | Modern dental materials require effective, complete, and reliable polymerization. The Dual-Band LED mounted Cybird Gold was specially developed to photopolymerize a range of materials. With its powerful and efficient new design features, the Cybird Gold sets a new standard in every aspect.

The Cybird Gold’s compact and ergonomic design fits perfectly in the hand, and the Dual-Band LED makes it compatible with most resins. This fourth-generation curing light fully adjusts to different types of dental treatments and can help reduce the expense or time associated with treatment by offering one short polymerization cycle.

Various resin-based materials have different light curing requirements that depend, in part, on the wavelength of the curing light. As a result, many clinicians use multiple curing lights that are compatible with each type of resin. Considering this need of their customers, Dentazon (DXM) Corporation upgraded the design of the Cybird Gold to include a broad range of wavelengths (400 to 490 nm) with two power modes (High Power Mode and Plasma E. Mode).

Dual-Band LED technology makes Cybird Gold convenient and easy to use for many restoration procedures. High Power Mode is appropriate for most direct clinical applications such as resins, liners, sealants, and bases, as well as indirect procedures such as veneers, inlays/onlays, and crowns. Plasma E. Mode is recommended for rapid curing and orthodontic applications such as bonding of ceramic/metal brackets.

In existing LED curing light products, 4-chip LEDs are applied to the dome to make the short wavelengths needed for polymerization. Cybird Gold uses a Chip-On-Board method, where the dome is removed from the LED surface. Along with the 9-chip LED, it maintains a stable light output, facilitating heat emission during usage and minimizing the generation of heat.

Dentazon (DXM) Corporation strives for excellence in supplying high-quality dental products to clinics, hospitals, and labs.

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