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S2 E46 [2:09]

Updates on the IDS and Structo, plus Product iNavigator Shop-and-Compare charts in print and online ( and

Welcome to IDT Weekly! I’m Jason Mazda, and here’s what’s new. Organizers of the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, are optimistic about the 2021 show in March. They say in a press release that nearly 1,300 companies have confirmed their participation. The duration of the show will be reduced from 5 days to 4, and the floor plan will be redesigned to safely distribute the exhibitors in line with COVID protection regulations and also organize safe visitor traffic. They’ll also have digital offerings for people to participate remotely in the show. Structo has appointed Desmond Lim as its new CEO. Lim has more than 30 years of experience in leadership roles across various disciplines, most recently Tessa Therapeutics. Structo’s founding CEO, Huub van Esbroeck, will now serve as Head of R&D. Van Esbroeck says when he and his co-founders started Structo in a small workshop 6 years ago, they never imagined it growing into the global company it is today, and that they’re excited for Lim to use his experience grow the company even further. This month in IDT, our annual Product iNavigator includes four shop-and-compare charts in the technology category—intraoral scanners, desktop scanners, milling machines, and 3D printers. If you’re considering a new purchase in any of those categories, we strongly encourage you to check out these charts and compare everything from accuracy to capabilities to price. Online this month at, we’ve been telling you about the various shop-and-compare charts in the Product iNavigator issue, and two of them can be seen exclusively in our digital edition. Compare specs for sintering furnaces and options for outsourcing by going to the links below or just going to and browsing the digital edition. Well, that’s it for this week. Everyone please stay safe and healthy, and join us again next time on IDT Weekly.

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