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S2 E50 [1:53]

Updates on the NADL’s Vision 21 meeting and Aspen Dental Management Inc., plus a CE article on infection control, and the IDT International Digital Denture Symposium webinar series (

Welcome to IDT Weekly! I’m Jason Mazda, and here’s what’s new. The NADL Vision 21 meeting has a new location and date. Organizers announced the event will be held April 8-10 in Nashville, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. They say they know in-person meetings need to be re-imagined, and that they’ll create a safe, welcoming environment. This is always such a great meeting for its business-centric education and high-level networking, so we hope all goes well. Aspen Dental Management announced it has agreed to acquire ClearChoice Management Services from Sun Capital Partners. ClearChoice operates more than 60 dental implant centers, and Aspen chairman and CEO Bob Fontana says this move brings together two brands that have a shared commitment to creating positive and often life-changing patient experiences. This month in IDT, Mary Bartlett writes our CE article about infection control during a pandemic involving an airborne virus. The dental laboratory profession had strong protocols in place already, but Mary has some really interesting insights specific to right now. Even as the pandemic roars on, laboratories have been offering most or all of their regular services, so it’s really important to take the proper precautions. Online this month, the IDT International Digital Denture Symposium webinar series continues tonight at 7 with Esther Schwenning presenting “Success with Digital Dentures.” To register for free or browse the rest of the live and on-demand webinars in the series, go to and click the Workshops tab. Well, that’s it for this week. Everyone please stay safe and healthy, and join us again next time on IDT Weekly.

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