September 2010
Volume 3, Issue 0

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The Success Formula for Single-Tooth Restorations

The foundation of successful single-tooth restorations lies in outstanding, versatile products and materials that demonstrate verifiable long-term success. When all the elements for single-tooth restorations are provided by a single dependable source and designed to work together, the dentist and patient can be assured of the best clinical and esthetic result.

Proven Implants

One key to long-term success is the strength and safety of the implant. High-performance material (cold-worked CP4 titanium), along with a unique surface (TiUnite®) for enhanced osseointegration, ensures primary stability and predictability. The most effective systems are versatile, highly functional, and designed for a variety of treatment and surgical protocols.


Functional Abutments and Connections

The ideal abutment mimics natural tooth form and emergence profile, with superior function and excellent soft-tissue management. Predictable and effective seating is essential, along with ease of use and accurate identification. A wide selection of integrated abutments—temporary, prefabricated, and individualized—facilitates all surgical and restorative situations.


Next-Generation Crowns

Natural-looking esthetic results, with exceptional strength and functionality, are vital to patient satisfaction. Consistent CAD/CAM precision of fit improves the patient’s experience by eliminating time-consuming adjustments. Purity and homogeneity of materials ensures durability and biocompatibility. A comprehensive portfolio supports all clinical, esthetic, and budgetary needs.


45+yr. Heritage

Crown: superior natural-looking esthetics, high strength and functionality, individualized design and precision fit, choice of materials

Abutment: excellent soft tissue management and biocompatibility

Implant: ease of use, designed for primary stability, surface for enhanced osseointegration

Total solution: less invasive treatment techniques, professional training and support, long-term clinical success, backed by science

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