Special Issues
September 2010
Volume 3, Issue 0

Portrait: NobelReplace ™

Close-up view of implant/crown illustrating favorable periodontal response, closed cervical embrasures, and none of the gingival inflammation seen in the patient’s before images.

One of the preferred systems for surgeons and restorative clinicians worldwide, the NobelReplace implant system is uniquely suited to all levels of experience—providing ease of use and predictability for the beginning user, along with the flexibility and broad applications that experienced users demand. Ideal for both functional and esthetic single-tooth restorations, this versatile implant system combines simplicity of use with extensive capabilities.

For the starter user: The NobelReplace system is the clear choice when establishing an implant practice. From the beginning, its flexibility increases the options available to patients, while its design enhances predictability and clinician confidence. All components are color coded for quick, accurate identification. Color coding of the surgical kits shows which drill to use during the procedure. In addition, the standardized step-by-step drilling protocol simplifies site preparation by minimizing the number of drilling steps required.

For the experienced user: This all-around system supports an entire implant offering, providing consistent restorative outcomes. NobelReplace Tapered can be placed in more demanding indications, such as between converging roots of adjacent teeth. The tapered design offers optimal initial stability and predictable osseointegration results. The drilling protocols support both flap and flapless surgical procedures, as well as immediate or delayed loading of restorations. The internal tri-channel connection supports all forms of restorative solutions with secure, accurate prosthetic positioning. Finally, experienced users can be confident that as technology advances, this implant system will remain at the forefront.


Key Take-Aways

  • Easy-to-use, predictable implant
  • Offers both new and experienced implant users a system unique in its flexibility and breadth of applications
  • Ideal for both functional and esthetic single-tooth restorations
  • Color coded for ease of use
  • Ideal starter implant system that can grow with the experience of the clinician
  • Internal tri-channel connection system for very accurate and secure prosthetic restorations
  • Preferred referral implant system offering a broad range of prosthetic assortment
  • Ideal implant for single-tooth restorations, both in the posterior and anterior areas


Case Study: NobelReplace

Michael R. Sesemann, DDS
Omaha, Nebraska

Bruce Kuhn, MD, DDS
Omaha, Nebraska

Immediate Implant Placement, Provisionalization, and Restoration for Single Tooth Replacement
A 27-year-old woman presented to the office with a chief complaint concerning the esthetics of the porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns on her maxillary lateral incisors, which had been placed at different times in the early 1990s. The objective was to use contemporary materials and techniques to have them blend better with her natural dentition. In general, the patient’s periodontal health was excellent. A slight amount of inflammation of the gingival tissues was present around the PFM crowns

PFM crowns on teeth Nos. 7 and 10. Treatment plan included extraction of tooth No. 10, with immediate implant fixture placement (NobelReplace Select) and immediate provisionalization. Radiograph illustrating root resorption of tooth No. 10 and a chronic periapical abscess in tooth No. 11.
Placement of the rubber gasket onto the NobelReplace Select Immediate Implant Abutment. Close-up view of implant/ crown illustrating favorable periodontal response, closed cervical embrasures, and none of the gingival inflammation seen in the patient’s before images.
View the entire case study and learn more about NobelReplace at nobelbiocare.dentalaegis.com

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