September 2010
Volume 3, Issue 0

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Portrait: NobelProcera ™

The new and innovative NobelProcera System offers one of the broadest and most versatile CAD/CAM portfolios, which includes customized single-tooth solutions to satisfy all clinical, esthetic, and budgetary needs.

NobelProcera Precision Milled Restorations (PMR) provide exceptional patient-specific precision of fit and improved soft tissue results. Moreover, their material purity and homogeneity ensure long-term strength and biocompatibility. NobelProcera currently produces PMRs from zirconia, alumina, titanium, base-metal-alloy cobalt chromium, and temporary acrylic—with new materials continually being added.

These high-quality PMRs are designed using cutting-edge scanning and software technologies, then manufactured at state-of-the-art production facilities. Centralized industrial manufacturing processes are monitored at all stages, ensuring consistent deliverables that are ready-to-use or that require only minimal modification. Quality assurance is reinforced by a five-year warranty on all PMRs (except acrylic temporaries).

Most important, NobelProcera products and materials are backed by more than 15 years of cumulative clinical experience and research confirming long-term success, outstanding durability, mechanical stability, functionality, and esthetics.

NobelProcera expands a clinician’s capabilities for delivering high-quality individualized prosthetics. Because tooth preparation and cementation routines are similar to conventional crown-and-bridge techniques, this system is exceptionally easy to integrate into any practice.

See how the NobelProcera crown is made on:


Key Take-Aways

  • 15+ years of clinical experience and research
  • Long-term success and efficacy of functionality and esthetics
  • CAD/CAM precision fit and material homogeneity for strength and durability
  • Excellent soft-tissue management and biocompatibility
  • Individual design for precision of fit and esthetics
  • Industry’s only 5-year product warranty against material breakage or defects (excludes acrylic temporaries)


“The wide range of clinical applications and positive patient response has made NobelProcera an important part of our practice for some time. NobelProcera offers us a level of predictable esthetics with amazingly consistent fit, and its cost effectiveness enables our group of four in-house technicians to focus on veneering, while leaving core production to NobelProcera.”
Jonathan Ferencz, DDS, FACP
NYC ProsthodonticsNew York City, New York

“NobelProcera is the perfect tool for creating dental excellence. NobelProcera restorations have not only improved my professional value and increased my number of patients, they have strengthened the workflow within our entire team–from impressions, provisionals, abutment design, material selection to final restoration.”
Enric Pintado, DDS
Centre DentalManresa, Spain

“NobelProcera has been our choice for CAD/CAM technology since 1998. We specialize in producing single-unit and bridge prosthetics for implant restorations. Products such as NobelProcera Implant Bridge for partial and full arches offer us an extensive choice of restorative options; and the titanium bars/frames and zirconia subframes always fit perfectly. These products create savings in time and materials, which make them the most cost-effective, predictable, and functional choices available.”
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Ceramics Pty Ltd.Melbourne, Australia

“NobelProcera provides dental technicians the complete solutions they need to get involved in serious CAD/CAM–from the most efficient crown-and-bridge design tools to the more complex implantology-related applications. The new NobelProcera CAD software version is going to unveil a whole new world of exciting projects for all customers.”
Jean Robichaud, CDT, Fellow and Master of the ICOI
BioCad Medical, Inc. Quebec City, Canada

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