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DENTALEZ Expands Aeras Utility Line

Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2023

DENTALEZ® is has announced the newest enhancements to its line of compressors and vacuums.

Aeras by Ramvac Utility: Reliability and Innovation

DENTALEZ’s Ramvac line of compressors and vacuums are known for reliability and durability. In the last few years, the company has made significant updates to its entire line, in response to the needs of today’s dental practice.

With the latest updates,  the compressors have been upgraded to handle more users to meet the demands of today’s growing dental practices. The compressors are now more efficient and provide more flow to support your evolving needs. The vacuums are flexible, to fit into any electrical infrastructure. And the entire suite of utility options has been converted with smart technology.

● Additional 8-, 12- and 18-user compressors are now available – supporting the largest number of users in the dental market today

● The entire vacuum line is enhanced to be “3-phase,” meaning it can meet all electrical requirements

● Aeras monitoring technology is now standard on all compressors and vacuums, for your total peace of mind

“We’ve made our compressors smaller, more flexible and quieter, now meeting the needs of our larger practices by providing machines that can handle more users, while maintaining all the flow necessary to run their equipment,” says Beth Jones, Senior Product Manager. “And our line of vacuums has undergone the changes necessary to meet the electrical needs of today’s practices. We can literally offer the right vacuum or compressor to a practice of any size and configuration.”

Aeras Smart Technology Comes Standard

Today’s dentists are moving faster than ever before, and would rather focus on patient care than equipment. In response, DENTALEZ has upgraded our entire Ramvac utility line with Aeras smart technology. Monitoring systems embedded in the equipment provide real-time data, 24/7, on a simple, intuitive dashboard to let the user know the health of their system and alert them to any potential maintenance issues. “Knowing that our dentists cannot afford a minute of unexpected downtime, we integrated Aeras smart monitoring into the equipment they rely on most,” says Jones, “and we provide this service at no additional cost whatsoever, to provide our dentists with that additional peace of mind.”


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