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Cloud Dentistry, the New Marketplace for Dental Talent, Makes its Debut at GNYDM 2022

Posted on Monday, November 21, 2022

Interactive, Two-Way Vetting Process Ensures Better Match-Ups Between Dental Team Candidates and Hiring Dental Practices

Cloud Dentistry, the company that is perfecting the process of hiring in the dental industry, is making its Greater New York Dental Meeting debut at booth #728.

The company will be demonstrating its powerful one-of-a-kind dental marketplace software and expanding its rapidly growing network of dental professionals seeking permanent and temporary positions as well as private practices and DSOs who need to fill vacancies. Watch a quick video.

According to the company’s CEO Trey Tepichin, “Cloud Dentistry can help minimize the volatility of today’s dental job market. It was specifically designed to connect dental professionals with the highly rated practices they want to work for. In addition, it also connects dental practices with the verified team members that they need. Cloud Dentistry is quicker, and much more reliable than standard job postings, while being a fraction of the cost of using a staffing agency or recruiter.”

Cloud Dentistry’s peer review system keeps both sides of the marketplace accountable, creating the most reliable platform available. This process enables the office to see the number of bookings a professional had through the platform along with the number of times they may have been late or a no-show. Conversely, dental professionals can see dental practice reviews by their peers, to help them select the best potential employers.

This two-way vetting system is made possible by a detailed and interactive registration process that creates the dental industry’s most sophisticated applicant and employer filters. “Traditional job boards are not very effective at ensuring a good hiring fit, which only adds to the current state of high dental team turnover,” adds Tepichin. 

Unlike recruiters and staffing agencies, the Cloud Dentistry platform does not require a contract, which eliminates buy-outs or cancelation fees. It’s 100% free for professionals, and they keep their full compensation, thus avoiding a middle-man inflation fee that staffing agencies commonly charge. What’s more, Cloud Dentistry provides three ways for candidates and employers to connect; 1) Job postings 2) Bilateral messaging 3) On-demand booking requests. Other features of Cloud Dentistry include:

● 24/7 access on desktop or mobile devices

● Interactive two-way messaging between candidates and employers in real-time

● Dental team candidates include RDHs, DAs, Front Office Staff, Dentists, and Specialists

● Permanent and temporary hygienists and DA positions are widely booked

● Very affordable for offices at less than $100 per month on average for annual packages

● Optional subscription packages includes several billing options ranging from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans

● Problematic candidates and employers with low ratings are removed from the system to ensure the best candidate/employer matches.

● World-class customer service, and reliable reps assigned by state.

● Freemium model allows you to search everything you would with a paid account, to message, on-demand book, or post a job upgrade to a paid account.

For more information, watch a quick video, visit, send an email to, or call (844) 643-3128.    


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