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Open Sensor Announces Product Launch

Posted on Friday, November 18, 2022

Specifically designed to directly integrate with all the major imaging software applications, the Open Sensor is the perfect replacement sensor. This is a true open sensor that works with your existing software just like your current sensor. Chad Camac, Senior Vice President, explains, “It’s so easy with the Open Sensor because it operates natively with your current system. There is no need to learn new software or retrain your staff – it just works!”

The Open Sensor is distributed as part of a subscription club with a low monthly price of $99/month/sensor with a onetime $499/sensor signup fee. The Open Sensor Club comes with everything you need, including installation, training, technical support, a lifetime warranty and accident forgiveness. The low price and open nature of the sensor makes it the perfect economical solution for dentists looking to replace or add a new sensor to their existing imaging system. Additionally, as part of the initial product launch, the company is offering a free two-week trial.

About Open Sensor

The Open Sensor represents the latest in CMOS radiography technology, producing exceptional x-rays with an image quality and diagnostic capability that is comparable to or better than the current market leaders. The Open Sensor Club is a revolutionary low-cost way for dental offices to easily add a sensor to their current imaging systems. This is a disruptive product designed to provide exceptional performance to dental offices at a fraction of the cost of current market offerings.


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