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DentalMonitoring Launches the ScanBox pro

Posted on October 6, 2021

The latest version of their patented device to maximize AI-powered control of dental and orthodontic care anywhere, anytime

DentalMonitoring, the company that pioneered artificial intelligence in dental and orthodontic care, is thrilled to announce the launch of the ScanBoxpro.

Built upon the success of their previous DM ScanBox, their latest FDA-registered innovation is a portable device patients can take with them for precise AI-powered scans anywhere and anytime. This hardware accompanies the flagship software solution DentalMonitoring, a customizable cloud-based platform for remote clinical monitoring of orthodontic treatments designed to create a single automated workflow per patient and boost practice scalability.

The device consists of two components — a cheek retractor tube designed to draw the cheeks and lips from the buccal and labial surfaces of the teeth and gums during scanning and a phone holder designed to accommodate a smartphone.

Paired with the unique DM app for patients, the ScanBoxpro offers:

● Consistent imaging over time for precise tracking of treatment progress

including aligners, braces and retainers of all brands

● Excellent occlusal and lateral views, including molar occlusion

● Increased portability

● Adapted for all patients from 6 years old

● Easy storage capability with 41% less volume

● Autoclavable capacity

“We couldn’t be prouder to introduce our latest innovation as we continue to go further and break new ground with our solutions,” says Phillipe Salah, CEO of DentalMonitoring. “The ScanBoxpro is a game-changer for patients. It’s lightweight, portable and can easily join them on-the-go, anywhere, for high-quality scans powered by the first and most robust AI in the industry. In turn, it allows doctors to have control at every stage of treatment and helps automate their workflow while enhancing their patient experiences.”

The ScanBoxpro is the newest addition to DentalMonitoring’s family of devices and software solutions including SmileMate, for engagement, triage and patient conversion and DentalMonitoring, the only available AI-based remote monitoring solution available to both fixed and removable orthodontic appliances of all brands.

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