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Open Implants Hires Key Opinion Leader, Pamela Hanneman, as the Manager of Product Development and Technical Education

Posted on October 21, 2021

Open Implants hired Pamela Hanneman as their Manager of Product Development and Technical Education. Pamela brings with her nearly 29 years of hands-on CDT experience developing novel components for the dental industry. She is a published author, key opinion leader, and PTC trainer.

Prior to joining Open Implants, Hanneman grew multiple milling centers increasing efficiencies and profitability. In addition, Ms. Hanneman has traveled throughout North America to educate and train technicians and clinicians on material handling, improving analog and digital workflows, and standardizing operating procedures. “I am thrilled to be the Manager of Product Development and Education for Open Implants” Hanneman said. “I look forward to educating current and future customers of Open Implants on the benefits of the company's proprietary components.”

Gregg M. Gellman, Chief Executive Officer of Open Implants, said, "We are honored to have Pam on board. Her clinical and technical experience in conjunction with her dental component product knowledge will only serve to complement the mission of Open Implants…To bring thoughtfully designed, high quality implant components to the dental community that are designed by dental technicians for dental technicians."

More information about Pamela Hanneman is available at the company's About Us page.

Open Implants designs solutions to help simplify lab operations, reduce costs, and increase reliability. Open Implants products are designed by a lab owner and technicians with over 50 years of combined experience.

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