Dental X-Ray Imaging Will Become More Accurate, Comfortable, And Convenient With DC-Air™

Posted on September 14, 2021

The Launch of FTG's DC-Air™ Will Make History as the World's First Bluetooth® Wireless, Direct-Conversion Intraoral X-Ray Sensor

Athlos Oy received 510(k) acceptance on July 22nd, 2021 for DC-Air™, a new generation of intraoral X-ray imaging sensors that will pave the way for the future of X-ray imaging. Its U.S. distributor, Freedom Technologies Group, is now accepting pre-orders online, and is already seeing excitement and high demand from dentists across the country.

Konstantinos Spartiotis, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University), Athlos Oy CEO says, "Finland is a country with age-old corporate history producing premium dental X-ray imaging technology. Athlos is no exception to the rule with an expert team in direct conversion X-ray imaging. The DC-Air™ is truly the first wireless intraoral sensor with Bluetooth® and direct-conversion technology. In tandem with its unique holders for optimal comfort, the DC-Air™ brings outstanding image quality, in real time, without the wire. It's incredible to be a part of developing this technology for improved workflow for the practices, safety and comfort of the patients."

The DC-Air™ will be imported and distributed into the USA by Freedom Technologies Group L.L.C. ("FTG"), a joint venture between Athlos Oy, University of Michigan Dental school graduate with 30+ years of experience, Dr. Robert Sachs, dental-industry consultant David Hanning, and a group of private investors.

Dr. Robert Sachs, FTG's Chief Clinical Officer, points out, "The DC-Air™ is the first digital sensor to match the resolution of film and the comfort and convenience of phosphor plates. It does so in a more durable and easier-to-use package. It took years of work with direct input from leading physicists and clinicians on the cutting edge of dental technology to develop, test, and refine DC-Air™ to the world class product it is today. Over the past few weeks, since FDA approval, beta-testing of the DC-Air™ has received stellar feedback from practitioners and patients alike."

David Hanning, FTG's Chief Executive Officer, adds "The immense effort from all parties involved has paid off and we couldn't be prouder of the result. This is a dream product to be on the forefront of distribution. Once sales begin, we anticipate instantaneous enthusiasm from dental professionals which will lead to our 2021 inventory selling very quickly. We highly encourage anyone who's interested in purchasing the DC-Air™ this year to pre-order immediately, before supplies are depleted."

To learn more about DC-Air™, visit FTG's website, www.ftgimaging.com, and follow @ftgimaging on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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