Polaroid DDS Imaging Software- No Boundaries

Posted on June 4, 2021

Polaroid HealthCare has just introduced an amazing new Windows based imaging program, Polaroid DDS. The new DDS Imaging program claims to have No Limits, and No Fees. The open architecture design has direct integration (not twains), with most of today’s top IO X-ray sensors, PSP scanners, Intraoral Cameras, Caries Detectors, Digital SLR Cameras, & 2D Pan/Cephs. Imagine having just one software program to learn and use for all your current, and future imaging needs. DDS was created as a free standing, open source imaging software, not one designed to make a particular piece of hardware perform.

Polaroid DDS uses the latest in dental and medical imaging algorithms combined to produce incredible images, often better than some hardware brands own software. Our specialized filters allow the practitioner to see like never before. Select the perfect filter, or assign your favorite to all your images. Just one click and 6 variations of an image can be displayed side-by-side, each with a different filter applied. Now you can instantly choose which filter(s) provides the best detail, sharpness, or contrast, whether it be for General, Perio, or Endo procedures. Get the most from that radiograph to assist you in making accurate diagnoses. Saves time, less retakes, and helps you create a better treatment plan.

No limits - you can continue to use your existing hardware devices in Polaroid DDS, and when it’s time to replace them, have the freedom to choose any replacement brand product you like. You’re no longer locked into high-priced proprietary hardware and support fees.

Direct Integration- not limited bridges, with many of the more popular practice management programs. Often providing two way communications when available. Polaroid DDS has easy data converters for many of today’s top Imaging programs to accurately convert your existing patient images into Polaroid DDS, saving you hundreds of hours trying to export them yourself. Call your dealer to see if you’re current imaging software brand and release version is included.

No Fees- DDS has no monthly or yearly fees and comes with Free Lifetime installation, training, & support. DDS is available in over 25 languages. For additional details, contact your authorized Polaroid HealthCare dealer, or call 844-789-5050 www.polaroidhealth.com info@polaroidhealth.com

For additional press release info, contact: Bob Seawell 844-789-5050 ext.# 115


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