Glidewell Introduces the Comfort3D™ Bite Splint

Posted on October 27, 2020

Having produced over 4.6 million nightguards since 1999, Glidewell is well-proven in its ability to fabricate custom appliances that clinicians can rely on. With the launch of the Comfort3D Bite Splint, Glidewell now offers custom occlusal guards made with digital design and 3D-printing technology, ensuring maximum comfort and retention. This launch represents another exciting step in Glidewell's legacy of applying cutting-edge science to the dental laboratory.

The addition of the Comfort3D into Glidewell's family of bite splints is meant to help dentists provide their patients with a reliable and cost-effective solution that will help prevent damage caused by bruxism and clenching. In addition to protecting healthy dentition from the damage of bruxing, the Comfort3D can also be prescribed to protect most dental restorations, such as veneers, crowns & bridges, implant-supported restorations, and more — an ideal feature for clinicians looking to grow their practice.

The 3D-printed process makes Comfort3D stand apart from other bite splints in that it is a cost-effective way to consistently achieve high-quality results with faster turnaround times. When compared to traditional thermoforming techniques, the level of precision achievable with 3D-printing technology results in a more accurate fit for each patient's unique morphology.

The appliance comes in a clear color and covers the full occlusal plane. It consists of a single-layered 2-mm hard, yet flexible, material that provides durability and bonds with acrylic. For patients, the device is easy to clean and stain-resistant for long-term use. Glidewell's Comfort3D Bite Splint is digitally designed to ensure your patients are satisfied with better levels of comfort that protect their restorations and prevent further damage from bruxism.

To learn more about the new Comfort3D Bite Splint, visit glidewelldental.com or call 800-854-7256.

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