Sterngold Dental’s #ReadyNow: More Than a Hashtag. More Than Words.

Posted on June 5, 2020

Sterngold Dental rallies behind #ReadyNow, a hashtag that sums up its proactive plan to help clinical practices and dental laboratories on their road to a faster restart.

Dental practices all across the United States have recently just started reopening after shuttering their doors following nationwide, mandated COVID-19 closure. Albeit necessary, this edict, as well as new protocols in place for the reopening, have led to clinical practices and dental laboratories being hard pressed, with some unable to resume gainful operations.

“The most important help that can be extended today is immediate support and practical solutions,” shares Gordon Craig, Sterngold’s CEO. “Sterngold looked within its current set of capabilities. We asked ourselves what we have now that can address the challenges of this crisis. What we came up with is a range of different ways to assist with immediacy, easy access, and urgency so that the dental practice and lab can avail of them, now, when they are needed the most.”

The power of #ReadyNow is in providing dental practices and laboratories with the capability to either augment their current treatment or service set or provide an alternative to those costly services that are just not affordable to patients and clinicians right now. These are ultimately attained with Sterngold’s quality and affordably accessible products. Sterngold meets the practitioner and lab at their level of readiness as well—whether they just need to restock their supplies immediately, find less expensive alternatives, access technical support via phone assistance or educational videos, or plan a new income strategy with skill development or reinforcement, the answers to these are all available today from Sterngold. #ReadyNow is all about touch-points and ideas, which can be found here: www.sterngold.com/readynow

Asked as to the motivation behind the campaign, Gordon shares: “We are also on a restart. We’ve taken a hit like everyone else with the industry closures, so we know how it is and now look at others in our re-strategizing, too. Our customers’ success being our success cannot be truer than today.”

Currently, Sterngold is proactively offering 30-minute virtual appointments to extend information on this support. Understanding the hectic schedule of practices and labs today, Sterngold decided on this time frame and works around the availability and convenience of the customer. “We carefully carved out 30-minute blocks as we are conscious of the customer’s time. Truthfully, with the new challenges presented by restarting, this is a short time investment to have someone listen and then provide immediate, effective solutions to ramp up faster than going it alone,” adds Patrick Hayden, Sr. Director of Sales.

To schedule your virtual appointment and access Sterngold's #ReadyNow solutions, call 1-800-243-9942 or email info@sterngold.com.

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