Roseman University 2020 Graduating Class First to be Fully Trained on Bioclear Method

Posted on June 5, 2020

The school’s College of Dental Medicine was first in the country to incorporate modern method into curriculum

As new dental products, materials and techniques emerge in the industry, it’s important for educational programs to adapt in order to remain relevant within the changing dental landscape. An example of an evolving procedure is posterior restorations, with there being a steady decline in the use of amalgam restorations in favor of composite resin. Along with this transition comes the need to incorporate educational shifts that accommodate frequently changing clinical trends.

In an effort to continue teaching students relevant advancements in dentistry, the Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine made the decision to implement the Bioclear Method fully into their curriculum beginning in 2016. As a result, the past three years of simlab and clinical instruction at the school have taught students how to perform restorations using Bioclear’s innovative techniques. Now, the first class of dental students fully trained on the Bioclear Method graduated in April 2020.

“At the Roseman University College of Dental Medicine, we pride ourselves on continuously reviewing and revising our curriculum to ensure that the techniques and methods taught to our students will prepare them for the most successful future possible,” said Dr. Frank Licari, Dean, College of Dental Medicine, Roseman University of Health Sciences. “We’re proud to be the first university to incorporate the Bioclear Method into our classes and are excited that the class of 2020 graduated with the knowledge and expertise to perform state-of-the-art restorations.”

“Learning the Bioclear Method over the past few years has been an invaluable part of my time at Roseman University,” said Ashleigh Dearing, student, College of Dental Medicine, Roseman University. “I’m grateful to be graduating with the expertise on this innovative approach to restorative dentistry, and am excited to begin utilizing these techniques and materials to improve the lives of my future patients.”

The Bioclear Method is a modern approach for restorative dentistry that was founded in 2007 by Dr. David Clark. Featuring engineered tooth preparations and restorative techniques, this method offers new options and possibilities for long-lasting and esthetic anterior and posterior composite resin restorations.

“Even during my time in dental school, it did not make sense to me that the same prep methods were being used for two completely different materials: amalgam and composite,” said David Howard, DDS, Associate Professor, College of Dental Medicine, Roseman University. “Fortunately, modern composite restorative techniques, such as those developed by Bioclear, have evolved to incorporate the unique physical properties of the material with the engineering of the prep. These advancements have helped simplify the restorative process so that even a novice in dental education can achieve a successful result from the first restoration!”

In early 2019, 3M and Bioclear announced a partnership with the intent to combine 3M’s advanced material expertise with Bioclear’s groundbreaking instruments and processes to support dentists in their endeavor to incorporate innovative procedures into their practices.

Since being introduced at Roseman University, the Bioclear Method is now also in the process of being implemented into the curriculum at additional dental schools, including Loma Linda University in California and the Université de Montréal in Canada.

To learn more about the 3M and Bioclear partnership, please visit 3M.com/BioclearMethod. For more information on Bioclear, please visit: www.bioclearmatrix.com.

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