Intl Digital Dentistry Academy Offers Free Webinars

Posted on March 30, 2020

The International Digital Dental Academy (IDDA) announced the launch of what it calls “the biggest charity drive we have ever done,” the IDDA SAVE The Future Of Dentistry Webinars.

These webinars over the next 3 weeks will be free, starting today at 7:30 PM, at 3dprintcovid19.com. Speakers

include Adam Nulty, Chris Lefkaditis, Patrik Zachrisson, Quintus Van Tonder, Amit Patel, Jan Hajto, Dimitris Liolios, Eimear Keenan, Eric Kukucka, Thomas Sealey, Todd Ehrlich, August de Oliveira, Ralph Georg, Adrienne Slevin, Agnieszka Kulik, Pawel Paskiewicz, Martin Attariani, Nilesh Parmar, Carl Fenwick, Miladinov Milos, Douglas Watt, Marcos White, Dan Shaffer, David Claridge, Hossam Dawa, Mark Bishara, Federica Antollenini, Hugo Patrao, Ray Rophie, Lino Adolf, Niraj Kinariwala, and Pierre Arnaud de Baritault.

All webinars will be in support of the 3D Printing COVID-19 Parts Initiative

“We have had some incredible support from hundreds of technicians from the U.K. and abroad,” the IDDA says in a statement, “but we need to step things up. We are registering this 100%-not-for-profit cause as an independent and full charity with full documented structure and spend. “

While the webinars are provided free of charge, viewers are encouraged to donate to the IDDA’s charity drive to raise capital, with 100% of donations going toward the purchase of materials and to help to pay for the coordination and production of PPE masks, PPE visors, Ventilator Parts, Ventilator Masks, and shipping to get the parts to the front lines. Click here to donate: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/idda-3d-printing-initiative?utm_term=GR5v7MWBG

Any leftover proceeds will be split between LovingByGiving and Bridge2Aid

The IDDA which is based in the UK but has groups associated around the globe, says in a statement:

“As a community of over 13,000 digital dentists and technicians who have 3D printing capabilities, we could produce parts for the front line in the fight against COVID-19. These 3D printers can print in a wide range of materials—even biocompatible.

“We can help coordinate these dentists and technicians to improve the production capabilities of the UK and indeed

foreign countries in an initiative to help the NHS/medical services in general to save lives with providing ventilators, intubators, and general parts needed in the fight against COVID-19.

“We’ve had a few hundred responses from individuals and companies all ready to go and who have the combined power of printing thousands of parts per day.

“Finally and importantly, we now have several hundred printers ready to go and have our first parts ready.

The Venturi valve that was in much shortage in Europe, ventilator splitters, masks, and visors.

“Please let us know if we can help, or indeed if you can use our production capacity in another form.

“Stay safe!”

For those interested in becoming an IDDA Certificated member, the academy has discounted the IDDA.org membership by 50% for the next 3 months with the code "COVID19" when joining. Members can then rewatch the lectures at their leisure.


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