Nano Black Loupe Light

Posted on November 13, 2019

DentLight Inc. announced today the release of Nano Black wireless loupe light that fits on all major loupes and eyewear.

The product is based on the new Nano Freedom2 platform that the company has just introduced. It is the first integrated multi-wavelengths LED light that includes a selectable daylight or violet light for either hands-free general or fluorescent illumination. The wearable fluorescence technology in combination with regular loupes and SafeLoupe insert enhances the vision to observe malignant soft tissues, decays, composite, as well as dental caries as from the fluorescent contrast of healthy soft or hard tissue with the signature dark or red/orange fluorescence.

About DentLight

DentLight has been designing and manufacturing award-winning dental products in Plano, Texas for the past 14 years. Our mission is to assist clinicians in delivering better procedural outcomes through superior optics and optoelectronic devices. We do this by providing innovative product designs, particularly LED lighting based dental equipment including curing lights, oral exam systems (cancer screening and caries detection), headlights, loupes, video cameras, and eye protection kits.

Call 800-763-6901 or visit www.dentlight.com.


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