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Ascentcare Dental Products Announces Issuance of US Patent for Illuminated Dental Instruments

Posted on Thursday, July 25, 2019

Ascentcare Dental Products, a dental products company focused on the creation of innovative dental technologies, announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 10,350,027 covering illuminated dental instruments using magnetically coupled fiber optic bulk lighting.

Problems with traditional light sources in dentistry have created a demand for a solution. Overhead lighting and loupes are cumbersome, require a high level of maintenance, constant adjustment, and most importantly do not do an adequate job of providing light where it is needed.

Fiber optic lighting solves many of the challenges dentists face while working in small, dark, and inaccessible places. Due to the ability to transfer high amounts of light through a small cable, this advanced technology provides intense and focused illumination directly inside the patient’s mouth.  

The issuance of this most recent patent covers several of the instruments developed by Ascentcare that use fiber optics to provide intense illumination in hard to reach places. Using a strong light engine and a flexible, magnetically coupled fiber optic cable, Ascentcare offers many instruments that solve the problem of intraoral lighting. These instruments include an illuminated dental mirror, transillumination tool, lighted saliva ejector tube holder and intraoral light. 

About Ascentcare Dental Products

Ascentcare Dental Products is focused on the development of dental technologies that span a diverse set of applications. They are engineering, design, and manufacturing professionals dedicated to creating and fostering innovative dental solutions and advanced technologies.

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