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Pediatric Airway Solutions: "Early Intervention is Prevention"

Posted on March 29, 2019

PAANNY (Pediatric and Adult Airway Network of New York)’s 2019 Educational Event: Pediatric Airway Solutions: Early Intervention Is Prevention" is being held May 9th at the Fox Hollow in Woodbury, NY

The following afternoon “Ted Talks” (3pm-5pm) will be given:

Paula Fabbie RDH BS: Oral Facial Myology

Michael Gelb DDS: Airway And Tmj - Cbct Connecting The Dots

Scott Seigel MD, DDS, FACS: Releasing Frenums

Steven Lamberg DDS, DABDSM: Non-Anatomic Contributions To OSA

Umakanth Khatwa MD: Pediatric Airway And Sleep Screening

Steve Acker DDS: Airway In The Restorative Practice

Ben Miraglia DDS: Early Orthodontic Intervention

Cocktail Reception and Dinner 5-9 pm with the main event presentation by Marianna Evans, DMD on "Rational Orthodontic Solutions For Pediatric Airway/Sleep Deficiencies -The Argument For Early Intervention” will be given.

Registration information here

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