Sterngold Dental, LLC & Merz Dental GmbH Offer Baltic Denture System in the USA

Posted on March 19, 2019

Sterngold Dental, LLC, and Merz Dental GmbH have announced that the Baltic Denture System (BDS) is now available to purchase through Sterngold Dental, LLC. The BDS product line and its processes open up a new way of fabricating full dentures in a digital workflow. Prosthetic processing steps for Sterngold’s Implant Systems, in particular the MOR® Mini Implant System, have been incorporated into the digital denture workflow.

Featured in the BDS is the BDLoad®, a milling blank in which the dental arches are integrated in a functional tooth setup. The arches come in the sizes of small, medium, and large, as well as in the jaw widths of narrow, medium, and wide. The BDLoad® is available in a variety of shades, has no shrinkage, is biocompatible, and is very strong and not prone to tooth fracturing. Since the teeth are already incorporated in the BDLoad®, missing or broken dentures can be reproduced faster when compared to other digital denture systems.

CEO of Merz Dental, Friedhelm Klingenburg says, “I am pleased to have Sterngold become a prime partner for our BDS system, to provide a perfect solution to dental practices, laboratories and, most importantly, to the patients. With Sterngold‘s expertise in implantology, the BDS will increase efficiency in the overall process for digital dentures.”

In as little as two clinical visits, a patient can have a new, accurate, and esthetically superior denture compared to the traditional way, which averages five visits. Labs will also be able to produce unparalleled results with increased efficiencies in time and labor. With the advent of the Baltic Denture System’s commitment to speed and maximum efficiency, a laboratory or clinical practice can begin overdenture cases today without any large start-up investments.

“With the partnership of Sterngold and Merz solidified, the digital Baltic Denture System and all of its components are now available through Sterngold. Along with our customer and technical support, we now offer the best digital denture option with the choice of bundling our versatile selection of Sterngold dental implants to fabricate cutting-edge overdenture prosthetic applications. The BDS system will provide positive customer and patient experiences, all while saving valuable lab and chairside time,” says Gordon Craig, President & CEO of Sterngold.

For more information, system details, and how-to videos please visit www.sterngold.com/denture-system.

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