Tokuyama Dental America Launches Corporate Social Responsibility Program: Tokuyama Empowers

Posted on March 14, 2019

Tokuyama Dental America is proud to announce the launch of Tokuyama Empowers, the company’s corporate social responsibility program to make dental care available to those in need. In cooperation with national and local associations, non-profits, free clinics and volunteer dentists, Tokuyama Dental America aims to remove the barriers to access treatment for uninsured and underserved parts of the population, enabling them to receive the care they need to improve their health and quality of life.

One of the first organizations Tokuyama Empowers is partnering with is the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation’s (AACDCF) Give Back a Smile program. Give Back a Smile provides free dental care to adult women and men who have suffered dental injuries from domestic and sexual violence. By helping to restore their smiles, the program is healing some of the most devastating effects of the violence these victims endured and is supporting them on their road to recovery. Tokuyama Dental America has donated over $86,000 worth of products to Give Back a Smile, including Estelite Omega, a polychromatic esthetic composite system designed for anterior restorations with natural-looking results.

Corporate Social Responsibility has always been a core value of Tokuyama Corporation, the parent company of Tokuyama Dental. From its beginnings more than 100 years ago, the company’s mission has been to improve people’s lives and well-being. With Tokuyama Empowers, Tokuyama Dental America stays true to this heritage. “We believe dental health is crucial for personal well-being, and that everyone should have access to dental care. We are proud to partner with organizations dedicated to serving those in need, provide high-quality products for treatments, and give back to the community.” says Masa Ogata, CEO of Tokuyama Dental America.

For more information, please visit www.tokuyama-us.com, or call +1 (877) 378-3548

Tokuyama Dental America is a leading manufacturer of dental products, such as restoratives, adhesives, and denture reline material. As part of Tokuyama Corporation, the company looks back on more than 100 years of innovation and dedication to improving people’s lives and well-being through advances in science and chemistry. Tokuyama Dental’s products include innovations such as OMNICHROMA, the world’s only universal composite that matches every tooth shade with one shade of composite, Tokuyama Universal Bond, the first truly self-cured universal adhesive, and Rebase II, the market leader for hard denture reline materials. Tokuyama Dental America is dedicated to Innovating Tomorrow’s Dentistry, Today™.


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