SprintRay Pro. The New Industry Standard

Posted on February 20, 2019

SprintRay is proud to announce the all-new SprintRay Pro, which reimagines what desktop 3D printing can do for dentistry. The product will be presented for the first time at the 2019 Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

Featuring unmatched speed and double the capacity of previous models, SprintRay Pro brings industrial throughput to the desktop form factor. A new, cloud-connected software suite predicts problems, automates workflows, and reduces the learning curve. “We’re grateful for all of the support and feedback we’ve received from our customers since we introduced the MoonRay S to the dental industry,” said Amir Mansouri, CEO of SprintRay. “All of that input went into designing and building the most functional and dentist-friendly 3D printer the industry has yet seen, and we’re very excited to present it to the market.”

Unmatched Speed, Double Capacity

A custom DLP projector uses high-intensity light to reduce cure times, improving speed and efficiency. Dynamic Light Control adjusts light intensity for each individual layer, leading to increased accuracy. A self-monitoring, heated tank that keeps liquid resin at the perfect temperature to optimize the curing characteristics for each material. The larger build platform is perfectly flat and machined for optimal resin adhesion. The build surface can fit up to 21 full arches in vertical orientation and 7 in horizontal.

Software Integration and Automation

SprintRay Pro features an onboard, 6-core, touchscreen computer that lets you select parameters, set print queues, and get on-board help. Print files directly from a USB drive after approving them via the printer’s onboard touchscreen. Now clinicians can automatically close intraoral scans without having to use 3 rd party software. Editable supports, automatic parts labeling, and printability detector make printing a breeze for large batch jobs and single, high-detail pieces alike.

Built to Last

SprintRay Pro is built with a machined aluminum chassis for durability and extreme dimensional accuracy. Super-strong PMMA polymers form the UV-blocking swivel cover, and a layer of tempered glass keeps the projector safe from resin spills. Visit https://www.http://sprintray.com/pro-desktop-3dprinter for more information.

About SprintRay

SprintRay is a Los Angeles-based technology company that designs, manufactures, and supports 3D printers for digital dentistry. Their products empower dentists to provide faster, higher-quality care for their patients. Founded in 2014 with the mission of improving lives through 3D printing, SprintRay is the only 3D printing company that provides a complete, end-to-end user experience for dental professionals.

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