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Benco Dental Presents Five Solutions to GNYDM Audience

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Benco Dental has introduced five insightful solutions from its vendor partners and branded lines. Among them: groundbreaking offerings from Herman Miller, PRO-SYS, Carestream Dental, exocad GmbH, and Convergent.

  • Herman Miller Compass: The sophisticated furnishings of Herman Miller and Nemschoff have been used in stylish, versus sterilizing, healthcare environments for five decades, elevating the human experience of care. As a Herman Miller Healthcare dealer, Benco Dental offers oral health professionals an elevated new world in which to work. Compass cabinetry for the dental operatory presents a system designed for change. Components are easily assembled, removed, rearranged, and refreshed. Storage can be quickly relocated; dental utilities can be easily accessed, added, or modified; and damaged product can be easily replaced without demolition. Tiles and components are wrapped in durable material that requires no edge banding. The results: unmatched flexibility with a seamless, cleanable, durable surface. Intelligent design and efficient installation make the purchase price affordable.

  • PRO-SYS VarioSonic: After two years of R&D, Benco Brands is proud to release the PRO-SYS VarioSonic electric toothbrush—the first sonic toothbrush specially designed for healthy patients, as well as patients with compromised soft tissue. With five different brush heads of various stiffnesses in the box and five distinct speeds, the VarioSonic allows 25 possible intensities—perfect for every oral condition. VarioSonic features Dupont™ filaments, the gold standard of dental bristles, a travel case, a battery that lasts a full month, and a beautiful package that dentists will be proud to present to their patients. Best of all, it’s priced at two thirds less than the market leader, so it’s a power brush that anyone can afford.

  • Carestream CS 3100 Milling System: Expand chairside restorative treatment options and deliver aesthetic, accurate, and durable restorations. CS 3100 offers three distinct fabrication options, including milling, grinding, and carving, and delivers hybrid resin and ceramic restorations—ideal for full contour crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and three-element bridges. This quiet, vibration-free mill can be used anywhere in the dental practice. Its compact design and small footprint allow ease of installation. Integration makes it all possible—the CS 3100 features integrated compressed air and a cooling circuit, and no water supply or drain is needed. Automatic calibration and easy cleaning and handling offer accessibility for use by every staff member.

  • OneVisit Chairside powered by exocad: At Benco Dental, the OneVisit concept for CAD/CAM same-day dentistry launched in 2014 as the first open in-office restoration production system with a focus on customer choice. At exocad GmbH, ChairsideCAD launched earlier this year as the first complete open architecture CAD/CAM software platform. The result of their recent collaboration: OneVisit Chairside powered by exocad, an open-architecture CAD/CAM software platform for single-visit dentistry. The Chairside workflow is streamlined, easy to learn, and optimized for usage in the dental practice, including a step-by-step guide through the design process. In just a few steps, OneVisit Chairside creates highly esthetic proposals with minimal post processing. Experience matters, and the exocad platform is based on the same proven technology as its lab software, which is renowned for its reliability and robust features.

  • The Next Generation of Solea® by Convergent Dental, Inc.: The new, smaller Solea cuts faster, smoother, and 99.2% anesthesia-free and features enhanced software and improved remote access with a 4G LTE mobile data connection. The industry-leading CO2 all-tissue dental laser, Solea, earned its reputation for enabling dramatic practice growth and reduced stress for dentists and patients by taking anesthesia, bleeding, sutures, and discomfort out of the dental experience. Its latest advancements provide unprecedented clinical performance, significant software upgrades, improved ergonomics, increased accessibility, and a smaller footprint (15% slimmer). Before launch of this platform, Solea dentists reported doing four to six more procedures per day while feeling like they were doing less work. Now they can expect all those benefits with enhanced ergonomics—a lighter, more maneuverable handpiece with improved rotation and a wider range of motion. 

Benco Dental will feature these five insightful solutions, alongside leading-edge services, equipment, and merchandise, at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, through November 28, at Booth 1617.

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