Komet USA Introduces New Sonic Tips for Crown Preparations

Posted on October 8, 2018

The Komet SonicLine instrument selection has been expanded to include two special Sonic tips for crown preparation, SF856.000.018 and SF878K.000.018, which correspond to Komet’s 856 (S6856.314.018) and 878K (S6878K.314.018) rotary crown-preparation diamonds, respectively. Sonic tip SF856.000.018 features a round tapered-chamfer configuration, while tip SF878K.000.018 provides a modified tapered-chamfer shape.

After supragingival preparation has been achieved with the diamond rotary instrument of matched shape, the corresponding Sonic tip is employed to produce a precisely positioned and finished prosthetic margin and to enhance interproximal finishing. The tips create exceptionally fine crown margins that are essential to a well-fitting, durable restoration.

When in operation, the Sonic crown-preparation tips produce an oscillating function that allows the crown margin to be gently and safely positioned while protecting the soft tissue, thus avoiding gingival trauma or hemorrhage that can compromise impression taking. The oscillating elliptical vibrations of the sonic tips also create an irregular surface structure of the crown core that promotes perfect penetration and adhesion for crown cementation.

Made in Germany with outstanding attention to engineering and clinical requirements, the SonicLine system comprises a comprehensive range of high-quality Sonic tips that cover a multitude of indications, including prophylaxis, veneer procedures, and the opening of fissures as well as crown-preparation cases. Special tip labeling allows the user to easily identify the correct tip for a specific procedure, and laser etching of the order number on the sonic tips facilitates ordering of additional tips as needs arise. The Sonic tips can withstand regular reprocessing in a washer/disinfector through use of a rinse adapter.

About Komet USA

Currently celebrating 95 years of unparalleled excellence in the dental industry, Komet is a recognized worldwide leader in the production of highly specialized dental burs, discs, diamonds, endodontic instruments, and accessories. Komet operates in the United States under the name Komet USA LLC. Komet sells direct to dental practitioners and dental laboratories, delivering orders quickly and efficiently from its state-of-the-art factory in Lemgo, Germany. The company’s U.S. headquarters is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. For more information about Komet USA and Komet’s Crown Prep Sonic Tips, call 888-566-3887 or visit www.kometusa.com.


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