From TV to Clinic – Dentsply Sirona Treatment Center Intego Turned into a Chinese Movie Star

Posted on October 22, 2018

In January 2018, two Chinese TV channels launched a new evening program called Mr. Right, featuring famous Chinese actors. In its 45 episodes, Mr. Right describes the life of a Beijing dentist – including Dentsply Sirona’s Intego treatment center as the heart of the stage set. “We are very proud that the Intego treatment center has literally taken a lead role in the Mr. Right TV show. We have received overwhelming response from the market – from dentists as well as from patients. After the successful season ending of the TV series, we started our own Intego/Mr. Right campaign in the form of online votes and Mr. Right certificates. In addition, we have launched a limited edition of 100 Mr. Right Intego treatment centers,” summarizes Joshua Lin, Marketing Communication Manager at Dentsply Sirona China.

Successful online campaign and quality certificates

As part of the campaign, Dentsply Sirona invited dental clinics around China to participate in an online photo competition. Almost 170 clinics sent in photos that resemble selected scenes of the Mr. Right TV show. In return for their participation, they received a certificate to be placed at the reception area informing patients that the clinic uses equipment featured in the TV show Mr. Right. Through an online voting campaign, the top 5 clinics (more than 1,000 votes respectively) were awarded.

The campaign’s highlight: 100 Mr. Right Intego treatment centers

As the culmination of its successful Mr. Right campaign, Dentsply Sirona China has also launched a limited edition of 100 Mr. Right Intego treatment centers. The Hope Dental Clinic purchased the first Mr. Right Intego directly at the Sino Dental Show in Beijing (June 9th to 12th, 2018), where it has celebrated its premiere. “This campaign supported us in promoting our equipment to the patients. Thanks to Mr. Right and its leading role, the audience learned how high-quality dental equipment can influence the clinical outcome,” says Dr. Xi, Hope Dental Clinic in Tianjin.

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