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Practicon acquires GlasSpan flexible ceramic fiber reinforcement material

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Practicon, Inc. is pleased to announce their acquisition of GlasSpan, the flexible ceramic fiber reinforcement material that combines superior bonding, ease of application, and excellent aesthetics with outstanding long-term dimensional stability.

Since 1992, GlasSpan has helped clinicians address a variety of treatment applications, including anterior and posterior periodontal splinting, emergency stabilization of reimplanted or injured teeth, and aesthetic, non-metallic post-orthodontic retention.

Colorless, pre-silanated GlasSpan fibers readily adapt to all teeth, are virtually invisible when applied, and are easily cut to desired length, with no special scissors or handling required. Fully biocompatible, GlasSpan is available as an ultrathin woven tape or in three diameters of braided ropes. Practicon will fabricate GlasSpan at their manufacturing facility in Greenville, NC.

For over 35 years, Practicon has partnered with dental professionals to advance patient care, increase productivity and profitability, and heighten professional enjoyment by bringing “practical innovations” to dentistry. Practicon’s growing product line ranges from hard-to-find problem solvers to cost-effective everyday supplies. For more information, visit or telephone (800) 959-9505.


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