SOTA Imaging Produces Another Revolutionary Intraoral Camera To Enhance Patient Education And Diagnosis

Posted on July 18, 2018

SOTA Imaging proudly launches its next-generation intraoral camera, the Claris i5HD. The Claris i5HD leverages the same high-quality and attention to detail you expect from SOTA Imaging’s products and adds high-definition imaging with seamless integration so offices can get up and running quickly to capture high-def images.

SOTA Imaging has been creating intraoral cameras for more than three decades. Through many years of experience in R&D, manufacturing, and by paying close attention to customer feedback, SOTA has launched a high-definition intraoral camera with unprecedented image quality and usability. The high-definition images that the Claris i5HD produces make educating and diagnosing patients easier and more exciting than ever before.

SOTA Imaging’s driving goal is to create the best imaging solutions on the planet. In order to achieve the highest resolution image, true to life color reproduction, and lowest image distortion on the market, the Claris i5HD leverages the most advanced sensor and fastest video processor technology available in an intraoral camera. Utilizing a state-of-the-art sensor with native HD resolution and aspect ratio, the i5HD doesn't need to cut out or crop pixels to call itself "HD," unlike existing cameras. Furthermore, with its customized image signal processor dynamically making enhancements to gamma, contrast, gain, and more based on current lighting conditions in and out of the mouth, you'll find that photos taken with the i5HD are more crisp, vibrant, and true to life than anything seen from an intraoral camera. From half molar shots to full face grins, your images will be breathtaking.

The Claris i5HD is made of space-grade anodized machined aluminum, giving it both a stunning design and fault-resistant durability. It also features a simple, robust connector that makes it easy to disconnect and move between operatories while maintaining a solid connection. The Claris works with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 connections allowing you to use the camera on existing workstations up to the most current computers (please check the minimum requirements for details).

The i5HD’s touch-intuitive slide focus makes it easy for clinicians to get clear images no matter how close they are to the patient’s dentition. With a unique ambidextrous focus design that encircles around the capture button, users will be able to quickly focus and snap clear images without hunting for button placement, minimizing retakes. Dental practitioners will love how comfortable the i5HD is to hold and use.

SOTA Imaging knows the importance of efficient time management and has created both software and devices to simplify and streamline daily tasks. With SOTA Imaging’s state-of-the-art solutions, offices can focus more on a patient’s well being while decreasing patient chair-time.

"The whole team at SOTA Imaging is thrilled to present the best intraoral camera on the market to the dental community,” states Dustin Johnson, Systems Development Engineer for SOTA Imaging. “Like the award-winning Claris i4D before it, the Claris i5HD is sure to set a new standard for patient care and communication, and we could not be more excited to release this new, high-definition solution to dental professionals."

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