3D Dental Launches a New Line of X-Ray aprons

Posted on July 18, 2018

3D Dental announced the launch of an extension to its respected Visionary brand, a new line of X-Ray aprons. These cost effective, high quality aprons are worn during the X-Ray process. These aprons offer patient safety - the CE certified lead core material quality meets the IEC 61331-1:2014 and ASTM standards for radiation protection. The lush, silky-smooth fabric feels soft and supple on the patient ensuring patient comfort, and the vibrant, rich colors add a nice touch. The outer fabric is anti-microbial and easy to clean and maintain. The high quality material will not crack or fade with use thereby offering longevity. These aprons include sturdy sewn-in loops for hanging to ensure apron is stored properly. The Visionary aprons come in many vibrant colors in adult sizes with or without a collar and child sizes with collars as well as a panoramic apron.

3D Dental was launched six years ago with the vision and determination to bring a unique value proposition to the dental industry. They share a passion and resolve to offer innovative and simplistic solutions to the dental office.

With products ranging in categories from Impression Material, Dental Restoratives, Preventative and Hygiene related products, Endodontics, X-ray, Surgical, Infection Control and more, 3D Dental has more than a thousand sku’s in its portfolio that are being used and trusted by healthcare professionals daily.The cost effective, high quality Visionary aprons are available today! Email sales@3d-dent.com or call 877-605-8061

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