Smile Lite - Shade taking tool

Posted on July 11, 2018

A revolutionary shade taking tool which brings you reliability, simplicity and efficiency. Equipped with 5500⁰K (daylight) calibrated surface mounted LED’s. The Smile Lite provides natural and neutral light, stable and reliable. Regardless of the time of day or outside weather, the light quality of Smile Lite allows you to determine with ease and security the hue , value and chroma of natural teeth. Prior to taking a photo with your DSLR camera or Smart Phone, the light is equipped with a special polarizing filter that produces near to zero light interference. Removing light reflection allows the user to observe the teeth in a totally new way. Appreciation of color, better understanding of depth and transparencies, and an enhancement of the smallest details and characterizations. Understanding this information allows for optimum communication between the Dentist and Dental Laboratory. For more information, please contact Smile Line USA, 877-755-6868, or

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