Northern Nevada Dental Society Exclusively Endorses the SOLMETEX NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator

Posted on June 29, 2018

SOLMETEX, LLC is pleased to announce the Northern Nevada Dental Society's recent exclusive endorsement of the Solmetex Hg5™ series of amalgam separators, accompanied by the Solmetex Practice Waste Solutions (PWS) line of products. This is the 19th state dental society endorsement of the NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator nationwide, making the NXT Hg5 the most endorsed and awarded amalgam separator in the United States.

"Solmetex is excited to be chosen as the exclusive partner for the Northern Nevada Dental Society. Our company is committed to ensuring that NNDS members are in compliance with the best products and services available on the market today. The award winning Hg5 series of amalgam separators and the Practice Waste Solutions (PWS) line of products offer a simple and easy recycling solution, our 'Fill-it, Ship-it, Recycle-it' approach covers all waste handling needs for the dental practice." ~ Michael Toole, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

As a value-added benefit, NNDS members are eligible to purchase the new Solmetex NXT Hg5 or NXT Hg5 mini Amalgam Separator for only $298. Suggested retail is $860, for a savings of $562. This member benefit offer runs through Sept 30, 2018.

“This offer provides a great opportunity for our members to become compliant with the upcoming Nevada Law regarding amalgam separators. We hope you'll take advantage of this benefit running through the end of September and save over $500.” ~ Erin Anderson, DMD, NNDS Board Member

The Solmetex product line provides the "Total Solution" for waste handling and recycling, along with Certificates of Compliance available online 24/7 at www.solmetex.com. For questions regarding the regulation and/or this press release, please visit: www.solmetex.com/regulation, or contact Solmetex #508-393-5515.


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