vhf Boosts Presence in the US, Supported by Major Dental Partners

Posted on May 16, 2018

To further strengthen its position on the North American dental market, vhf's newest milling machines will be presented to customers by the resellers Talladium and Pearson Dental, as well as the material manufacturer VITA at LMT LAB DAY West and CDA Presents Anaheim 2018 in mid-May.

Recently, vhf successfully launched the new R5, a state-of-the-art 5-axis milling and grinding machine, in Chicago. Following up on this, vhf will cooperate with Pearson Dental, Talladium, and VITA to meet the high demand for desktop milling machines in North America.

Dr. Nicolas Rohde, CEO of vhf Inc., highly values the support: “We’re glad to have these great partners at hand – and that they will present our machines to customers at two established exhibitions on the West Coast. We work closely with our partners in order to meet our customers’ growing demand for prime dental restorations and to ultimately enable better patient care.”

Visitors at these exhibitions have the chance to see vhf’s milling and grinding machines for dry or wet processing. The Talladium TR5 will be shown at LAB DAY West by Talladium at booth H-10/I-10. Visitors can see the K5, a 5-axis dry milling machine, at Pearson’s LAB DAY West presence (booth F-6), and the Z4, the innovative wet mill for same day dentistry restorations, will be at CDA Presents (booth 408). VITA will exhibit the K5 in Garden Room 4 at LAB DAY West.

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