Introducing New Universal Adhesive from Parkell

Posted on March 23, 2018

Clinicians worldwide have looked to Parkell when in need of a reliable, effective bonding system for direct and indirect restorations, cementation and desensitization. The company has had decades of success with products such as Touch and Bond, Brush&Bond® and most recently, Brush&Bond® Universal.

Parkell’s new Universal Adhesive is a multi-mode adhesive formulated with a unique blend of 4-META and MDP technologies. This proprietary formulation provides:

  • Reliable micro-mechanical and chemical adhesion to dentin and enamel regardless of the etching technique.

  • High bond strength with a variety of substrates-including metals, composites and ceramics.

  • Desensitization of dentin due to excellent penetration of the resin into the tubules.

  • Compatible with light-cured, self-cured and dual-cured resins.

  • A low film thickness of 3 microns (particularly important when cementing crowns, bridges or other indirect restorations).

Parkell’s Universal Adhesive is the right choice for clinicians who want to simplify their technique and optimize results.

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