NuSmile Launches I Love My NuSmileProgram

Posted on February 21, 2018

NuSmileLtd., the worldwide leader in pediatric esthetic restorative dentistry, announced today the launch of its I Love My NuSmileprogram. The centerpiece of the program is the newI Love My NuSmilewebsite thatnot onlyhelps parents understand thebestrestorative dental options availablefortheir children,butalsoprovides a locator feature that makes it easy to find expert providers with nearby dental practices that offer NuSmile’s market-leading esthetic pediatric crowns.Dentists will be able to registerfor the locatorbeginning March 1, 2018. Once registered, theywill work with a NuSmile team member to personalize their contact information, uploada photo and write their own practice description. The website is expected to be announced to the public in April 2018 through several forms of digital and print media.

“Unfortunately, parents of children affected by early childhood caries are often unaware ofesthetic treatment options for their child,”said Diane Johnson Krueger, NuSmile founder and CEO. “That’s why we’ve decided to make it easier than ever for parents to learn more about esthetic restorative solutions,and to locate children’s dentists nearby who offer them.” She added, “Children whose decayed teeth are plainly visible are often subjected to teasing and even bullying, which can inflict severe emotional pain to both the child and the parents. Having to wear ‘silver’ crowns or fillings can be equally traumatic. Also, inferior quality esthetic crowns that are less durable than NuSmile ZR or Signature crowns increase the likelihood of retreatment,which no parent wants. No child or parent should have to go through that kind of embarrassment or emotional stress.”

According to Mike Loessberg, NuSmile Director of Sales, North America, the experience available to parents who visit www.ILoveMyNuSmile.comwill beunlike thatprovided on anyotherpediatric crown website. “This special website has been created expressly to help parents quickly grasp the pros and cons with photographs showing treatment outcomes of various restorative options for their child.” He added, “They’ll also learn why NuSmile’s ZR zirconia crowns and Signature pre-veneered crowns are the world’s most popular esthetic pediatric crowns, and why these crowns are consistently shown in clinical evaluations and dentist polls to be number one in durability, esthetics and fit.”

As Mr. Loessberg pointed out, “This consumer-focused approach has been incredibly successful in the orthodontic clear aligner market, and we see no reason why it won’t also be a huge success with parents who are looking to find the best restorative treatment optionsfor their child.”

Ms. Kruegerpredicted that dentists will love I Love My NuSmileas much as parents will. “We’re going to make a significant investment in advertisingthatdrawsparents tothe I Love My NuSmilewebsite, where our dentist locator will point them toward nearby dental practices that offer our state-of-the-art crowns and related products. This program is a powerful tool to helpsome of the best children’s dentists connect witheven more of the patients who really need them. We couldn’t think of a better way to honor our customers and the incredible work they are doing,” she said. For more information about this new program, please visit Formore information about NuSmile, please visit

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