ADIA Congratulates Prime Minister's Innovation Prize Winner

Posted on October 18, 2017

The peak business organization representing dental product manufacturers and suppliers, the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), has congratulated Laureate Professor Eric Reynolds AO for winning the Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation.

Professor Renyolds won the award based upon his research, which discovered a protein in dairy milk that repairs and strengthens teeth. Today, that protein, sold as Recaldent, is used by millions of people every day as they chew gum and visit the dentist. For inventing and commercializing Recaldent, Professor Eric Reynolds received the $250,000 Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation.

“ADIA is an active champion for those Australians who undertake research, development and commercialization of dental and oral health products, it’s a major focus of our work. Eric's prize showcases what Australian’s can achieve,” said Troy Williams, ADIA Chief Executive Officer.

A priority for ADIA is to support those businesses that empower healthcare professionals to advance the oral health of all Australians as a result of developing pioneering diagnostic and treatment options. Professor Renyolds' research has shown exactly how that can be achieved and he is also tackling another oral health challenge – gum disease or periodontitis.

“Most of us will get a bit of mild gum disease or periodontitis from time to time when ‘bad’ bacteria in our mouths get out of balance with ‘good’ bacteria. Bacteria get between our gums and our teeth and an inflammation kicks off. If we’re unlucky then the periodontitis bacterium moves in, leading to bone loss and ultimately our teeth fall out. Periodontitis is also implicated in other issues from rheumatoid arthritis to oral cancer,” Prof. Reynolds said.

Businesses involved in dental product research, development and commercialization are encouraged to be part of the ADIA-MIG Manufacturers Interest Group, a forum that brings together businesses to develop collaborative networks to further their manufacturing and export goals.


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