Kettenbach LP Introduces Futar® Cut and Trim Bite Registration Material to U.S. Market

Posted on October 17, 2017

Futar® bite registration materials introduces Futar® Cut and Trim. This new bite registration replaces Futar Scan and has several improvements. If you loved Futar® Scan you will love Futar Cut and Trim.

Keeping the opinions and suggestions of the clinicians in mind, Kettenbach has developed a new Futar to meet many of your bite registration needs. Futar Cut and Trim is “scannable” and has working time of 15 seconds with an intraoral setting time of 45 seconds for a total setting time of 1 minute. Non-slumping, this Futar brand will not flow off the occlusal surface. The new blue shade will be helpful for the clinicians with improved readability. The final hardness of this product is D-35 which means it sets rigid to eliminate any risk of vertical distortion when articulated. Finally, it trims cleanly with a sharp blade, often an issue with many other brands.

The Futar® family – Futar®, Futar® Fast, Futar® D, Futar® D Fast, Futar® D Slow, and Futar® Cut and Trim – is sold by Kettenbach LP.

Futar is sold direct to offices with very attractive promotional pricing when compared to all other nationally known bite registration materials.

With 6 choices of, Futar® bite registration materials allow the clinicians to choose the appropriate material to fit their particular needs. Whether a practitioner is looking for high final hardness, comfortable working times or a “scannable” material, the Futar® line has it all.

Futar® Cut & Trim will be available direct starting the end of the 2017 year by calling the local Kettenbach representative or by calling company offices at 877-532-2123.

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