Dental Health Products, Inc. Partner with SheerVision Inc. for Dental Loupes.

Posted on September 19, 2017

As an industry innovator, SheerVision, Inc. has quickly earned a reputation for leadership in surgical loupes and headlights, by offering the lightest, high-performing products on the market today. SheerVision, Inc. manufacturers the widest product line of loupes including flip-up and through-the-lens (TTL) designs, all of which can be ordered with a prescription as needed and in Under Armour brand frames. They strive to offer the best optical technology that supports surgeons, dentists, dental hygienists, and veterinarians throughout the world.

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“DHPI is very pleased to enter into a partnership with SheerVision, Inc. for surgical/dental loupes and headlights. They have a terrific selection products to meet any need for the dental clinical staff”, states Steve Desautel, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Dental Health Products, Inc.

DHPI has been servicing the dental industry for nearly 30 years offering a full line of dental supplies, dental equipment, and dental solutions.

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