Dental Crafters Offers 3D-Printing Services Thanks to Prodways

Posted on September 19, 2017

Dental Crafters, a full service dental laboratory founded in 1989, has chosen Prodways Group’s ProMaker L5000 D high-precision 3D printer to offer model printing services to other dental labs. As Dental Crafters set out to modernize their production, their aim was to transition from traditional dental stone models to high precision 3D printed models. As a result of testing performed by an external dental lab, Dental Crafters determined that the ProMaker L5000 D was the correct choice to facilitate their goals.

The ProMaker L5000 D high accuracy 3D printer is designed for dental laboratories that require the ability to produce detailed dental models quickly, accurately, and reliably. Prodways Group’s exclusive MOVINGLight® technology is based on the polymerization of photosensitive resins using moving DLP® (Digital Light Processing) UV rays, delivering high resolution and fast throughput. Additionally, ProMaker L5000 D features a granite build platform that improves stability and productivity for the fast production of dental models.

With the ProMaker L5000 D, Dental Crafters is now capable of producing around thirty dental quadrants in one print with layer heights as low as 50 micrometers, which exceeds dental industry standards.

“While searching for the ideal printer for our 3D model printing needs, we wanted to stay true to our high-quality standards. As a result, Dental Crafters chose the ProMaker L5000 D by Prodways Group for two simple reasons, high volume and precise accuracy sustained over time.

With our internal testing we found that the Prodways machine consistently produced an accurate product regardless of volume, surpassing other machines on the market. With the Prodways ProMaker L5000 D we can consistently print 60 quadrant models per day, maintaining accuracy print after print.

In this growing digital world, Dental Crafters takes pride in staying on the cutting edge of technology while maintaining our commitment to excellence. The decision to purchase the ProMaker L5000 D for our 3D model printing services allows us to continue this strong tradition,” said Brad Slominski, co-owner of Dental Crafters.

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