Change Healthcare Introduces a New Dental Claim Attachments Technology

Posted on August 10, 2017

Change Healthcare, a leading provider of software and analytics, network solutions, and technology-enabled services, today introduced a new cost-effective Dental Claim Attachments technology. This new offering is tightly integrated with claims processing workflows to help ensure only essential attachments required by a payer are connected to a dental claim and delivered according to payer preferences.

“The Change Healthcare claim attachment offering will not only help reduce operating costs for providers, but will also provide a more integrated offering with associated claim detail for our payer partners," said Sajid Khan, General Manager, Dental, Change Healthcare. “By offering an innovative alternative attachment solution to the marketplace that leverages the largest dental EDI claims network in the country, we’re helping our customers realize significant savings and reduce inefficiencies inherent in the current process."

Payers and dental practices alike have had to traditionally manage the administrative burden of processing paper-based attachments to claims, escalating processing fees and compounding delays. While over 45% of dental health providers who use electronic claim submission also use an electronic attachments solution, those solutions often send unnecessary attachments or fail to send the required attachment, resulting in higher costs for payers and potential re-work for providers.

“Being able to determine a payer’s attachments requirement dynamically at the procedure, tooth, and surface levels helps reduce errors and accelerate revenue collection,” said Mohammad Samarah, PhD, President of EnMedical Systems, a dental Practice Management Vendor. “Through the Change Healthcare Dental Claim Attachment solution, we can now offer our clients a more complete practice workflow with a simple interface and automation that helps streamline their operations to help save time and money.”

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