Sterngold Receives U.S. Patent for the Stern Snap® Angled Attachment

Posted on July 25, 2017

Sterngold has announced that their Stern Snap® Angled Attachment has been issued a U.S. patent. As part of their effort to provide solutions to the complications faced by doctors, Sterngold has introduced a product to fix the basic problem of implant misalignment—and the negative effect that produces on patient satisfaction.

Sterngold says that their mission is to “…provide our customers with consistent, superior products, components, and accessories at competitive prices on time.”

The Stern Snap Angled Attachment is engineered to deliver versatile angulation and improved durability. The Stern SnapAngled two-piece design can perform True Angle correction of up to 20˚ on divergent implants without the need to rely on a hinging attachment. It’s compatible with all popular implant systems, it has a low profile of 2.5mm in height, and its new Maximum Durability Retention Caps come in three levels at 1lb (yellow), 2lb (green), and 3lb (brown). 

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