Oral Health America Acknowledges Pulpdent's 10 Years of Product Donation Support

Posted on May 30, 2017

CHICAGO, May 30, 2017 – Oral Health America (OHA) graciously acknowledges Pulpdent for ten years of product donations to our Smiles Across America® (SAA) program.

Family owned and operated, Pulpdent is committed to its founding principles of education, prevention and proactive dental care so that people can live healthier and more productive lives. Their interest in public health and the oral health of children has allowed them to help seal hundreds of thousands of teeth across the country through our SAA program.

Through SAA, school-based and school-linked sealant programs nationwide provide preventive oral health services and education to children who may not otherwise have access to regular care. Product donations help these programs serve children most at risk for developing dental caries (cavities) and oral disease. Sealant programs have been associated with reducing the incidence of tooth decay.

“We are grateful to Pulpdent for their continued dedication to OHA and the oral health of children,” said Beth Truett, President & CEO of Oral Health America. “Their interest in helping children live healthier lives is a testament to their organization and their dedication to preventative dental care.”

“Pulpdent's mission to save teeth and promote oral health began with our founder, Dr. Harold Berk, who discovered his passion for dentistry at an early age,” said Leah Berk, Media & Communications Manager for Pulpdent Corporation. “Dr. Berk's commitment to public health lives on through Pulpdent's Public Health Partner Program which provides in-kind donations to organizations worldwide every year.”

OHA’s Product Donation project provides oral health preventive services to our nation’s children, particularly those who are at high risk for developing tooth decay. Product donations are delivered to OHA partners who provide sealant and fluoride varnish treatments to children at schools. Sealants placed in school-based settings are one of only two best public health practices focused on oral health.

OHA facilitates the distribution of more than 500,000 units of donated dental products each year, from sealant and fluoride varnish to toothbrushes and toothpaste. During the 2015-2106 school year, over 336,000 children received fluoride varnish treatments through SAA.


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