Aesthetic Z and Aesthetic Flex From Assured Dental Lab

Posted on May 18, 2017


Aesthetic Z is a highly translucent, high-strength zirconia solution for your anterior and posterior cases. Benefits include: translucency that rivals lithium disilicate, aesthetics that reflect natural dentition, durability and high strength (769 MPa flexural strength), designed digitally to increase efficiencies and profitability, kind to natural opposing dentition, conventional cementation, and perfect for single crowns and up to 3-unit anterior bridges.





Aesthetic Flex is an innovative, advanced thermoplastic partial solution that delivers on all fronts. The partial is virtually unbreakable, easy to adjust and polish, and can be repaired. The material is remarkably resistant to water absorption and highly resistant to stains and odors. The translucent and flexible nature delivers natural aesthetics, a comfortable fit and high patient satisfaction. Contact Assured Dental Laboratory 877.283.5351,




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